PSA: Sydney To Honolulu Flights For $249 Are A Real Thing, This Very Minute

Summer hasn’t been too kind to many of Australia’s major cities. Days after after sweltering through one of the hottest temperatures on record, Sydney is currently facing a potential super cell storm. Melbourne has been recently thwacked with some broiling weather, too. You better believe it’s toasty in Brisbane, too.

Here’s what we’re getting at: if you’re plotting an escape from Australia’s legitimately wild climates, a new JetStar sale might come in handy.

From today, the airline is offering a suite of you-beaut flights on the cheap, shrinking the distance between your humid daydream and the reality of existing somewhere less damp.

If you’re in the Gold Coast and hoping to escape to Tokyo in April, where the average daytime temperature is a perfectly manageable 18 degrees? Flights start at $229. Oh, that’s just in time to catch the world-famous sakura blossoms, too.


Sydneysiders hoping to chill out in Auckland between February and March have been offered flights starting at $139. Melburnians hoping to experience the United States before it disintegrates can hop over to Honolulu for prices starting at $249.

Sydney too!

Those flights are all one way, and don’t include checked luggage or meals, but a carry-on bag stuffed with peanut M&M’s should see you through on both counts.

The sale ends on January 17. You can scope out the remainder of the flights – with destinations including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phuket – right HERE.