Queensland, what a state. I don’t know what makes me more proud to be a Queenslander: the incredible breadth of spectacular natural beauty that runs the full length of our nearly 7000km coastline, or the fact that everyone here is just a bit shit. Nothing seems more Queensland to me than someone managing to get 102 days into an attempt to ride their bike around the world before arriving in Townsville and having it swiftly nicked.

British cyclist Charlie Condell posted to a Townsville bicycle buy, sell, and trade group yesterday that, after his first night in the city, he woke up to find that the bike that had conveyed him so far had been taken:

Hey guys, fraid I’m not selling – but I may be buying… I got into Townsville yesterday at lunch, having now ridden for 102 days from England! Woke up this morning in my hostel to find my bike’s been nicked! I’m 18 and trying to set a world record to become the youngest person to cycle around the globe solo… If there’s any chance you guys see anything either online or in person I would be massively grateful if you could get in contact with me – there’s a free beer or two ready and waiting!

Condell said on Instagram that, although his day had had a “sub-ideal” start, the people of Townsville had been great and that he was “getting it all sorted“. He’d received at least one offer for a free replacement bike so far:

Police told the Townsville Bulletin that the bike (black and green in colour) was stolen from a hostel on Flinders Street and that anyone with any information relating to the theft should contact Policelink on 131 444, quoting the reference number QP1801917416.

Condell kicked off his journey in early July and is going to try cover nearly 30,000km, hoping to become the youngest person to ever cycle around the world solo.

Hope you get a bike sorted, mate.

Image: Facebook / Round The World Charlie