Channing Tatum Will Teach You About The Dick Graze Through The Majesty Of Rap

Channing Tatum needs to settle the hell down and stop being ridiculously handsome AND ridiculously entertaining at the same time, because it’s just not fair. The 21/22/soon to be 23 Jump Street franchise has unearthed a kind of slightly self-deprecating, bro-ish but magnificent comedic streak that we’d previously not seen. And this? This is no exception.
The 22 Jump Street DVD release is a bit over a month away, but when he’s not filming promotional bits for the film, C-Tate is doing awesome shit like this.
It’s Channing Tatum. With 22 Jump Street’s Jillian Bell (who you might also remember from Workaholics or Eastbound & Down). Rapping about saying yo to your homies with a casual glancing touch of the crotchal region known as the Dick Graze. There’s nothing more to add to that – it’s goods as advertised, and god damn it it’s hilarious.

IT’S A GRAZE, NOT A GRAB.” Dead. Absolutely dead.