At this point, if Channel 9 reporter Alex Bernardt didn’t throw down her mic and cry “Put me in a desk job, you complete and utter loons!” then she’s a trooper. This is the SAME reporter who copped a face full of esky water from a pissed of Gold Coast bloke last year, and had a woman actually stub a cigarette out on her face back in June.

This clip of her getting bit by a bull ant on camera is the stuff Aussie television blooper reals were made for: she goes from ‘serious news reporter’ to ‘fucken’ pissed off Aussie who’s gotten fucken’ bit by a fucken’ bull ant, fu-u-u-cken oath’ in two seconds flat:

The clip was *actually* recorded 18 months ago, but never went to air. Can’t imagine why – this is solid gold Aussie TV right there. It’s the little things, you know?

via Channel 9.