Presidential Pups Champ And Major Are Finally In The White House And The Pics Are Too Fkn Cute

Champ Major Joe Jill Biden White House

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden (God that feels so good to type out) are finally living in the White House, which really isn’t anything worth writing about, because we all saw it coming. However! Their two good boys Champ and Major have finally joined them, leading to some super cute pics.

With over one million likes already, FLOTUS Jill Biden posted some wholesome piccies of her two dogs enjoying some quality time on the White House lawn. Tuesday content to warm the heart? Yes, please.

The cutest part of the pics is that if you squint super hard on pic number three, you can see that Major’s dog tag says ‘Major Biden’, and I just think the fact that they have last names is too adorable for words. From here on out I shall be referring to the good boys using their full names only.

Champ Biden has been a part of the family for many many years, sticking by Joe’s side since the days when Obama was president, which seem so, so long ago. Major Biden, however, is a relatively new addition to the family, and was adopted in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Society.

That means that Major Biden is the first-ever shelter/rescue dog to live in the White House, and I’m not crying, you are. (Fuck it, I’m sobbing.)

If Jill Biden’s pics weren’t enough to convince you that these good doggos are the purest pups to ever exist, allow me to show you some more adorable family photos in which the furry friends look as happy as can be.

I know Champ Biden is probably hella old at this point, but he still looks so majestic. My heart is forever with him and Major.

The pups even received a 14/10 rating by We Rate Dogs, and I mean, look at them. They deserve it.

Sure I may have just gushed over two dogs for the entirety of this piece, but so what? Champ and Major Biden are finally in the White House, and they deserve all the love and attention.

Godspeed, kings. Enjoy that pristine lawn for us.