CFA Says VIC Bushfire Has Claimed Over 100 Homes, Could Burn All Summer

While the flames near Wye River have subsided enough for residents to survey the damage of Christmas Day’s fire, CFA incident controller Peter West said they’d probably be fighting the blaze for the duration of summer.

West told the ABC that rising temperatures throughout New Year’s would raise the risk of another bushfire outbreak, and that “while things are quieter now we have to ensure people are very aware of their own safety.” 

Those safety concerns couldn’t be more real, as a staggering 116 homes have been confirmed as destroyed in the fire between Wye River and Separation Creek. That’s nearly double previous estimates. 

The latest CFA update for the situation says firefighting conditions are favourable, but the fire is not yet under control.

via CFA.

No fatalities have been reported during the recent fires, the CFA has said that’s more than likely due to the community’s preparedness. They’ve also stressed continued vigilance in the coming weeks. 

It’s not yet known when residents of Wye River and its surrounds will be able to return for good, but we doubt we’re alone in wishing them all the best when that time comes.

Story: ABC.
Photo: Darrian Traynor / Getty.