Centrelink Payments Are Going Up Starting From Today But Don’t Get Too Excited


In a tiny, miniscule, barely there smidge of good news amongst the BS we’ve become accustomed to seeing, Centrelink payments will (very, very marginally) increase as part of Labor’s $14.6 billion cost-of-living package. But don’t get too excited; the amounts probably won’t actually ease your cozzie livs struggles in any meaningful way. I mean, what do we expect from this government — legitimate support designed to end the cycle of poverty? Please. Here’s what you need to know.

Not all the Centrelink payments which are increasing will be for the same reason. Some payments are going up because of indexation, which basically brings them in line with inflation. This happens twice a year (in March and then September), which is probably why you’re getting a little bit of déjà vu right now.

Others are going up because Labor increased their base rate by $40 a fortnight, which… only translates to $2.85 a day. So, not even enough to buy a coffee to get you through your shitty day (and yet still enough for the Coalition to try to take it away). Like I said, don’t get excited.

Which payments are getting an increase?

The Age pension, Carer Payment and Single Parenting Payment will get an indexation increase, while Austudy, Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY Living Allowance and Youth Disability Support Pension will get a base rate increase.

JobSeeker, Partnered Parenting Payment and Special Benefit payments will see *both* indexation and base rate increases.

How much are Centrelink payments going up by?

This depends on the payment.

Austudy, Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY and Disability Support Pension for youth will all have their base rate go up by $40 a fortnight.

For the payments that are being indexed *and* getting a base rate increase, here’s your cheat sheet on the amounts they’ll go up by:

PaymentPrevious $$New $$Increase amount
Jobseeker, Special Benefit (Single, 22+, no children)$693.10$749.20$56.10
Jobseeker, Special Benefit (Single, 22+, with children/55+, after nine months)$745.20$802.50$57.30
Jobseeker, Special Benefit (Partnered, each)$949.30$970.20$20.90
Parenting Payment (Partnered, under age pension age)$639.10$693.90$54.80
Parenting Payment (Partnered, over age pension age)$700.90$757.00$56.10
Source: ABC

For payments that are only going up because of indexation, here’s how much they’ll go up by:

PaymentPrevious $$New $$Increase amount
Age pension (single)$1,064.00$1,098.70$32.70
Age Pension (partnered, each)$802.00$826.70$24.70
Carer Payment (Jobseeker, special benefit, Youth Allowance)$949.30$970.20$20.90
Parenting Payment (Single, under age pension age)$961.30$982.20$20.90
Parenting Payment (Single, over age pension age)$1,014.60$1,036.60$22.00
Source: ABC

The cost-of-living package also includes a 15 per cent increase in rent assistance rates, which translates to just $15.50 per week. Great.

You can read our full break down of the package here.