Tuesday marks Day 2 of the nation’s Centrelink chaos. Just like on Monday, hundreds of thousands of Aussies once again formed lines outside Centrelink offices around the country. However this time, the lines formed before the crack of dawn.

Service centres in every major city have again been swamped, with some queues forming as early as 4:30 AM.

The government has encouraged people to use the MyGov website or Centrelink call centre instead of visiting in person. However, MyGov has been so overwhelmed by users that it no longer functions, while those calling by phone have reported unbearable waiting times during business hours.

Hundreds of thousands of these clients have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In some cases, bans on indoor gatherings have forced businesses to shut down while in other cases, social distancing and self-isolation has stopped the flow of customers to businesses.

In the past, first-time applicants needed to visit Centrelink in person in order to obtain a customer reference umber (CRN).

As of this week, this has been scrapped. Potential applicants can now lodge their intent to claim online, and then provide the necessary documents at a later day. Their payments will be processed in the meantime and backpaid to today.

Many more Aussies shared photos and footage of the queues in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and beyond on social media.

Image: AAP / Joel Carrett