Centrelink Admits They Really Ballsed Up Ya Student $$$, Won’t Do It Again

The acting boss for Centrelink has admitted that they fucked up over the major Youth Allowance breakdown of 2015/16. Thank god, because someone had to. 
In case you’ve somehow missed it (you lucky bugger), Centrelink has been insanely backlogged with Youth Allowance applications – more so than ever before. They’ve been so backlogged that thousands of applications were auto-rejected by a glitch (not cool), and they WERE STILL BACKLOGGED.
In a Senate hearing today, the acting chief of the Department of Human Services, Grant Tidswell said basically the complete opposite of the line previously used by the DHS – the company line was that an exceptionally large surge of Youth Allowance applications caused the system to break down. 
Instead Tidswell said that the amount of YA applications was not more than previous years. He then gave a candid account to a Senate committee of what went wrong, accepted responsibility and promised that they would do better.
What… what is this? Genuine apologies? Admission of fault?! Honesty?! Vows to do better?!
Woah. They’re gaining sentience. 

Source: SMH