Someone Is Trolling NSW Police With Some Very Cheeky Posters In Sydney’s Central Station

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Some cheeky posters imitating the NSW police have popped up around Sydney’s Central Station this afternoon, and their remarkable believability meant many failed to see the humour.

[jwplayer zLeKq6NP]

The ‘STOP IT OR COP IT’ posters promised “more sniffer dogs in party zones”, “mandatory restraint of suspects” and “enforced strip and cavity searches” for those in search of a big night out in Sydvegas. Check out the masterpiece below.


The poster then made its way to Reddit, with a gullible user exclaiming “All over central station, what the fuck.”

“Yeah they’ve really found the sweet spot between completely outrageous and kinda believable,” commented user zorph.

“I applaud the artist,” added user vidyagames. “I just moved home from Canada and the shit that’s going on here is draconian. Free the weed.” (Free the weed… I just yelled.)

The poster includes the tag @wowsernation, which seems to be an ongoing initiative by a group of punters. Their twitter bio reads, “exploring the Australian nanny state through subversive street art.” They’ve also just updated their FB profile pic:

You have to give it to ’em – it was pretty bloody believable and left many appalled at the impending reality of everyday cavity searches.

Kudos to you, Wowser Nation.