Censorship Debate Continues: Is Semi-Nude Too Rude?

After posting a feature about whether or not the comments section of Pedestrian needs to be censored, we enjoyed reading (via the thus-far-uncensored comment section, naturally) your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards censorship.

So we thought we would give our readers the floor again after discovering an article in the Wentworth Courier (a Sydney newspaper with an inner-city readership) about street posters that residents had complained were offensive.

A local resident Tamara Schwarz said: “It was just so offensive, I couldn’t believe it. How dare they line the streets with this stuff where children can see it.

“Council scrapes this rubbish off but they’re not allowed to fine the people putting it up,” she said. “Residents need to call the police whenever they see it happening so the promoters will actually get the message.”

This is the poster in question:

Do you think the residents of the area had a valid reason to complain? Do you think the imagery should be considered ‘offensive’? Have people become too precious about nudity or do marketers and designers need to be more sensitive?