Celebrated Mobb Deep MC Prodigy Choked To Death On An Egg, Coroner Finds

The tragic passing of Prodigy – one half of iconic Mobb Deep – shook the worldwide hip-hop community to its very core earlier this year. The legendary MC passed away in hospital at the age of 42, while being treated for a flare up of his lifelong sickle cell anaemia.

The coroner’s report has finally been released, and whispers from TMZ that an accidental choking on an egg leading to his death have been confirmed.

It’s certainly a bizarre way to go – especially when you’re considered to be one of the most hard-arse MCs in the game. Prodigy being taken down by a humble little egg certainly has a few fans stumped.

Prodigy’s private funeral was held in June, and was attended by hip hop heavyweights like 50 CentIce TRemy Ma, and Modd Deep partner, Havoc.