CCTV Footage Shows Straya’s Stupidest Cigarette Heist In Action

In an attempted heist so brazenly daft that it has the words ‘FARKEN ‘STRAYA, MATE’ emblazoned upon it in searing 1000pt font, a gang of Melbourne thieves were caught by CCTV cameras, trying and failing to transport a massive stolen cigarette haul in a doona cover.

Per reports in ABC News, the four hoodie-wearing men robbed a service station on the Burwood Highway in Melbourne’s outer east earlier this month, smashing a window at around 2.30am.
The four, who clearly understand the importance of comfort over style when on nefarious late-night ciggy runs, stuffed their stolen booty into a doona cover, and on attempting to escape, realised their haul was too damn big.
After trying and failing to stuff it in the boot of the car, one of the men is seen attempting to fit it in the front with him, before saying ‘fuck it, she’ll be right’ and just letting it hang out the side door.
As you’ll see below, police estimate that they lost about a third of their haul as they drove away:
The men are still at large, and according to police, they have pulled off six similar robberies in recent months, stealing up to $38,000 worth of goods from service stations around Melbourne.
Anyone willing to admit that they know them is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Image via YouTube