Comedian Catherine Deveny Received “Rape Threats” Over ANZAC Day Tweets

Catherine Deveny ANZAC Day Tweets Rape Threats
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Controversial Melbourne-based comedian Catherine Deveny has sparked an outpouring of backlash on social media after tweeting that ANZAC Day is “bogan Halloween” and generally airing her grievances about what she sees as a celebration of the “violence industry” of war.

Taking to Facebook on April 23, Deveny kicked things off with this:

Credit: Facebook

She then tweeted a series of ANZAC-related thoughts on Tuesday, which predictably had many people on the defensive.

People weighing in shared stories of relatives who had fought for Australia, or pointing out what ANZAC Day means to them.

Other people reacted with anger, exasperation, and even boredom:

With such a sheer volume I can’t possible post them all here, many folks got personal in their responses, calling out the comedian for being “fat”, “ugly” and “a silly cunt”.

Deveny herself tweeted “Show Some Respect = Shut The Fuck Up Or I’ll Threaten To Rape You #AnzacDay”, indicating that she’d received some disturbing threats over her comments.

It’s not the first time she’s stirred up controversy – back in 2010, Deveny reportedly lost her job as a writer for Fairfax after saying at the Logies that she wished Bindi Irwin, then aged 11, would “get laid”.

My, my.