The World Is Currently Losing Its Mind Over This Cat Crashing A Catwalk


The headline really says it all, here. A cat, a very confident cat, has stolen the show during the Vakko ESMOD International fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey over the weekend when it decided to crash a catwalk.

[jwplayer QXcs6uRl]

Honoured guests captured the beautiful sight on their phones and instantly, the footage went viral. Why? I like to believe it’s for three precious reasons.

  1. It’s a goddamn cat on a catwalk.
  2. Said cat does not care for the peasant human models.
  3. It doesn’t just sit there but begins to strut its stuff on the catwalk.

Like all professional fashion shows go, this one – held at Emaar Square Mall – continued on its merry way as if the beautiful feline had not just plopped itself down in the direct path of models.

Rather miffed at the incoming human legs, the cat can be seen pawing at them before the grey and white baby takes matters into its own hands and swaggers down the catwalk.

Let that sink in: a literal kitty walked down a literal catwalk in a professional fashion show.

Fashion designer Göksen Hakkı Ali told The Dodo“Everybody was in shock”. However, despite the intrusion, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a having a feline model in her next show ‘cos “why not?” 

The footage – the footage will make you forget its Sunday night.

I C O N I C.

Naturally, the people of Twitter are very much in love with this video. But, without posting the same footage over and over again, here’s a nice sweet summary of everybody’s thoughts:

Pretty much.

Happy almost-Monday.