We don’t know how to tell you this… but there’s a teenager alleging he surgically removed his nipples and is now trying to sell them as earrings.

Huh. Guess we did know how to tell you.

His name is Karim Boumjimar, and a quick glance at his Twitter feed is enough to tell us that he’s clearly the most cooked person on the internet.

For example:

So yeah, this totally sane and normal person alleges he surgically removed his own nipples and is turning them into earrings for sale. After his tweet advertising his latest goods went viral, a few publications got in contact to ask why and how and wtf.

Dazed Digital: “And the process of getting your nipples removed – did it hurt, how long did it take?”

Karim: “I don’t know, it wasn’t really done legally, I mean it was legal, but not so legal. They just gave me so many drugs and at the end they gave me my nipples.”

Check ’em out:

According to the Dazed article, Karim found out you could have the procedure done in Bosnia through a friend on Facebook. He doesn’t specify when he had the procedure done, but he does say they still haven’t healed, and that he’s planning to go back their for more body modifications (“I don’t know, maybe something with my feet”).

He also mentioned his nipple + bellybutton jewellery in a previous article with Paper Magazine, almost as a throwaway: “I recently launched my website www.beigetype.co.uk and you can expect more new features coming on there because I’m really bored of censorship online, and there I will be able to put up anything I want, such as my bellybutton necklace or my nipple earrings.”

Some of you may be asking right now, “yeah, but where are his scars?? This man is a fraud!” And you would be right to question such things. His Twitter account does not paint a picture of a person disinclined to taking the piss. This is also some kind of bizarre psycho-shit that only exists in whatever weird hell hole of the internet that Pain Olympics came from.

But apparently, there are scars – Karim just covers them up.

“[I photoshop] with some of them. But I use so much make-up too, like I put so much make-up onto them. Whenever I take a selfie, it’s almost like a mini-photo-shoot, like even a single picture in the bathroom could mean tonnes of make-up.”

Fake or horrifyingly real, the internet has had some v. v. strong responses:

But if you are considering this body modification for yourself, a) don’t, and b) think about taking up professional swimming for added benefits.

Source: Twitter / @BEIGETYPE.