Everyone continues to debate 60 Minutes‘ extraordinarily controversial report on Sunday night, but it wasn’t the only show talking about Cassie Sainsbury. On Sunday Night, Cassie’s uncle Neil Sainsbury alleged that her statements about working for his cleaning business are a lie.

Cassie told her fiancé Scott Broadbridge that working for her uncle’s cleaning business was the reason that she often went to Sydney and abroad – including her fateful trip to Colombia. Her uncle not only denies that she ever worked for him, he denies he ever had any kind of business at all.

“I think it needs to be made perfectly clear that my niece Cassie has never been employed by me, has never been employed by anybody I know and like I said, I’ve never owned a business whatsoever,” Neil says.

He also argued that he believes she is possiibity guilty:

I believe Cassie has a bit of a history of skipping from one place to the next when things get a bit tough. I just don’t honestly believe that she was naive. I think, perhaps she may have had knowledge of what she was doing. Complete knowledge.

Broadbridge also appeared, defending Cassie’s story about what went down. He says that regardless of her claims about the business, she was still set up. “I don’t know if the business she worked for set her up or it was directly straight from Colombia but I believe she was, I guess, set up as a drug mule without her knowledge.”

Also appearing was Cassie’s faither Stuart Sainsbury, who recorded a message for his daughter.

But he won’t say whether he thinks she is guilty or not. “I can’t sit here and lie and say innocent, guilty, there’s just 68 different stories. I would like for the truth to come out.”

He also says that Broadbridge needs to get his story straight. “Now Scott needs to get his story right, don’t he, because I’m not sitting around and watching this crap anymore.”

Source: Sunday Night.

Photo: Supplied.