Cassie Sainsbury’s Fiance Scott Broadbridge Turned Away From Prison

Cassie Sainsbury‘s fiance Scott Broadbridge arrived in Colombia on Friday, local time, but has yet to see her, having been turned away from prison during an attempt to visit. 
Footage obtained by Nine News shows Broadbridge outside the El Buen Pastor prison on Saturday morning, the day allocated for male visitors.  
He attempted to gain entry to the facility with the help of several representatives, and though they negotiated for around half an hour, he was ultimately not allowed inside. 
It is understood that an issue concerning paperwork may have held him up, and this means that Monday is now the earliest that he will be allowed to visit the 22-year-old.

Broadbridge continues to maintain his fiancee’s innocence, and told reporters in Australia: “I will support her no matter how long this takes. Cass and I are engaged to be married and I intend to marry her.”
Sainsbury’s mother and sister are expected to visit her on Sunday, the day set aside for female visitors. They were earlier seen trying to communicate with her by shouting over a prison moat.  
Source: Nine News.
Photo: Facebook.