Cassie Sainsbury’s Fiancé Denies She Was Struggling With Massive Debt

The fiance of accused drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has spoken to Australian media, confirming that he has enlisted the services of the lawyer who defended Guantánamo Bay detainee David Hicks, and that Sainsbury is “not doing great” in the Colombian women’s jail she is currently incarcerated in.

In response to claims yesterday that Ms Sainsbury owed thousands of dollars thanks to a failed business, Scott Broadbridge told The Advertiser that there were no debts. “There absolutely were no debts,” he said. “She ran a business and it didn’t work out. She’s just an ordinary girl with aspirations.”

“I’m just scared for her and don’t want to jeopardise anything as it’s early stages. We’re worried for her future — she’s not doing great.”
Broadbridge confirmed he had enlisted the help of Stephen Kenny, who represented accused terror supporter David Hicks. Sainsbury is currently being represented by Colombia-based lawyer Orlando Herran, who has said his client was yet to decide how to plead.
Herran told Adelaide radio yesterday that while he believes Sainsbury’s story – that she was given the headphones which allegedly contained 5.8kg of cocaine – he admits they “do not have any proof she really was tricked”.

The current understanding is that if they go to trial with an innocent plea but are found guilty, Ms Sainsbury could be imprisoned for between eight to 20 years. If she pleads guilty, they may be able to secure a deal where she serves as little as four.

Source: The Australian.
Photo: Facebook.