Cassie Sainsbury Talks Safety Fears Behind Bars In First Aussie Interview

Accused cocaine smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has spoken directly to the Australian media for the first time since being arrested, telling News Corp she foresees her safety being at risk within Colombia’s El Buen Pastor prison.

22-year-old Sainsbury, who was detained last month after 5.8kg of cocaine was allegedly found stashed within her luggage, said “there’s a lot of chaos” within the facility. The South Australian added “quite a few of the inmates here are very pushy with me.

“They push past me. They start abusing me in Spanish because they know I don’t understand it and I haven’t actually done anything wrong.”
When asked if she was worried about outright violence from other inmates, she said “not yet, but I feel like it’s not very far away because there was a photo leaked of me here.”
The interview comes after footage was obtained of Sainsbury waving at a camera crew from behind bars. 

News Corp reports her quotes form part of a larger interview, which will be published tomorrow.

Photo: Facebook.