Cassie Sainsbury Says She Was Forced To Be A Drug Mule By Mystery Syndicate

Cassandra Sainsbury, the 22-year-old woman currently in Colombian prison on charges of trying to smuggle 5.8kg of cocaine out of the country, is claiming that she was forced to be a drug mule by a shadowy international drug syndicate who threatened to hurt her family.
According to a statement of facts lodged by Cassie‘s lawyers in an attempt to stop Channel 7 from broadcasting a Sunday Night program featuring her fiancé Scott Broadbridge, Sainsbury “has fallen victim to an international drug trafficking syndicate“, which “threatened her life and the life of her family if she did not comply with their demands“. 
“As a result, [Sainsbury] has applied to the Colombian authorities and the Australian Federal Police to be placed into a witness protection program.”
Sainsbury was arrested for drug trafficking at Bogota Airport on April 11 while trying to leave the country using a ticket allegedly purchased by an unknown person in Hong Kong. Officials allegedly found several kilos of cocaine in her checked baggage, disguised as sets of headphones. She is currently being held at El Buen Pastor prison, awaiting her first court date. 
Source: Daily Telegraph
Image: Colombian Police.