Cassie Sainsbury Not Happy At Family For Selling Story To Aus Media

As young Aussie Cassandra Sainsbury remains in prison in Colombia, her mother and sister have signed on for a tell-all interview with Nine‘s 60 Minutes, commanding an “eye-watering” sum rumoured to be in the vicinity of $1 million. 
Meanwhile, her fiance Scott Broadbridge will be telling his side of the story to the rival Seven network, signing on with the Sunday Night program for an undisclosed (but probably not insignificant) chunk of change.  
While interviews of this sort are fairly obligatory in the feeding frenzy that follows a high-profile arrest, Sainsbury herself is not happy, and has blasted her family for speaking to the media without her permission. 
“My mum and sister haven’t told me anything of what they’re doing,” she told News Corp from her Bogota prison cell.
“They’re just going out and doing it on their own. That’s my problem. It’s my story. They need to get permission from me to sell my story.”
Sainsbury’s mother Lisa and sister Khala have arrived in Colombia to visit her, but are not expected to see her until at least this weekend; she has requested to see fiance Broadbridge first. 
In her first round of interviews, the 22-year-old said that “every day is hard” in the El Buen Pastor women’s prison, where she has been incarcerated for a month. She said of her fellow inmates:
“They are all talking about me quite obviously behind my back and they’re not afraid to push past me and push me around. There’s just a lot of chaos here.  Quite a few of the inmates here are very pushy with me. They push past me. They start abusing me in Spanish because they know I don’t understand it and I haven’t actually done anything wrong.”
She is also concerned for her health, saying:

“I started losing feeling in my arms. It’s not all the time but it’s becoming an often occurring thing, and when I went to the doctors about it they basically just gave me vitamins and said ‘it’s stress.’ And I said, ‘well no, because you know this happened a few years ago and I lost complete feeling in half my body’ and they just wanted to just like push it under the rug.”

Sainsbury maintains her innocence, saying that she was set up and did not know of the drugs found in her luggage. Reportedly, she remains undecided as to whether she will plead guilty to the charges for a lesser sentence. 

Photo: Supplied.