In truly out-of-this-world news, a carnival worker in New South Wales has been charged after he was found sleeping in a pile of destroyed produce at a regional show competition.

To put it simply, he was arrested for smashing some actual pumpkins.

NSW Police took to Facebook on Thursday evening to release a statement, which promptly went viral for being one of the strangest crimes we’ve seen in a while.

In less than three hours, the post amassed over a thousand comments and more than 320 shares. What can I say? We’re a true crime-obsessed society.

When members of the Inverell Show Society arrived at the showground on Thursday morning, they were surprised to find the doors to the exhibition hall already open.

In heartbreaking news for pumpkin farmers, they found the competition display produce smashed, smeared and partially eaten.

Thankfully, after a big feast, the alleged offender decided to take a nap and was found shortly after asleep at the location in a pile of smashed vegetables.

Personally, I don’t think this is what The Smashing Pumpkins were talking about. Please do not smash anyone’s pumpkins.

As hilariously wild this story may be, farmers work hard to grow these prize-winning crops and it would be heartbreaking to watch your dedication go to waste like this. Not to mention, it’s actually a pretty serious crime.

A 25-year-old man was later arrested and charged with breaking and entering and commiting a serious indictable offence. He appeared in court in Inverell today, where he pleaded guilty to all charges.

Image: Getty Images