A Syd Driver Drove On Top Of Another Car At A Shopping Centre & Get Them On Drive To Survive ASAP

A grey Honda Civic that has driven on top of a white Mercedes-Benz at Westfield Hurstville in Sydney

Backseat driver Dads look away ‘cos someone who was driving through a Sydney shopping centre carpark somehow ended up on top of another car. Fully just landed on the bonnet and front window. It happens to the best of us, alright?

The footage truly needs to be seen to be believed, though.

Yes, I do have questions. Photo credit: Supplied via 9News.

I don’t want to be crass, but it’s 100 per cent a scene that a 14-year-old who writes Lightning McQueen fan fiction would have a field day with. Like; a strong, powerful Honda Civic topped a hot, submissive Mercedes-Benz in public while a shy Holden Captiva watched.

If you read that sentence and thought “I am absolutely going to issue a warrant for this writer’s arrest” I don’t blame you, quite frankly. Bring it on.

According to 9News, emergency services were called to Westfield Hurstville at around 9:45am on Thursday and found the aforementioned Honda Civic squashing the Mercedes-Benz. Not a great way to start your Thursday, if I’m being honest.

Police reckon the Honda Civic driver crashed their car into the boom gates, which caused the vehicle to mount the parked Merc.

There goes my theory the cars were procreating and in nine months they’ll welcome a bouncing baby Holden Barina. I’m sorry to keep banging on about rooting, but it really just looks like some sort of visual that would be shown in a Year 7 sex education class, so the car students can learn how baby cars are made.

Paramedics treated a man in his 50s at the scene. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The Honda Civic driver didn’t sustain any physical injuries.

The whole thing sounded like a freak accident and honestly, thank God no one was seriously injured. Maybe the incident will even spur another movie in the Fast & Furious franchise? Fast and the Furious: Westfield Hurstville Drift has a great ring to it, as does The Fate of the Honda Civic in a Sydney Carpark.