Watch The Moment A Canberra Local Nearly Flips Her Own Car During A Tiff W/ ‘Freedom’ Protestors

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Another day, another absolutely cooked situation featuring the so-called ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Canberra. You remember, those folks who want to liberate us from the tyranny of not getting really sick from a disease that has killed millions worldwide? Yeah, those guys.

Earlier today, footage was posted to Twitter showing a fed-up local Canberra woman having a heated exchange with another car packed to the brim with ‘freedom’ protesters. At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed 262,000 times.

“Get the fk outta Canberra. Go get a job and find something better to do.” the local woman can be heard saying from the driver’s seat of her car as the window rolls down and the protester begins filming.

“You reversed into me,” the Canberran accused the protester filming the video, perhaps alleging that there had been an earlier collision (between cars, definitely not between brain cells).

What happens next sounds is like something straight out of a Hollywood comedy movie and even after watching it 10+ times I’m still unsure whether it was deliberate or not.

Looking to make a speedy exit, the Canberra local accelerates parallel to the protester’s car.

However, the acceleration was a little too parallel and she ends up literally driving into the side of the other car, nearly flipping her own set of wheels in the process.


After breaking, her right rear wheel remains lodged on top of the protester’s car bonnet to everyone’s dismay.

Various curse words and ample crying are heard in the background as the onlookers imagine how much their insurance companies are going to charge them for the excess.

This isn’t even the first time this weekend that Canberra has been the source of regrettable news.

Yesterday a protester literally vomited outside Federal Parliament. The person was part of the 10,000 anti-vaxxer protesters known as the Convoy to Canberra. A classy affair all in all.