Canva Staff Rap Video Goes Viral And I Can’t Bear The Cringe Of It All: ‘Cancelling Immediately’

canva rap

Aussie tech company Canva celebrated 10 years in business by performing a cringe-worthy rap video at their LA conference last week, and honestly, it’s enough to send me back to Photoshop.

It’s no secret that startups — with their “we’re a family” lines and ping-pong tables in the lunch room — have always been fundamentally cringe, but Canva’s rap has taken this to a whole new level.

Co-founder and CEO Cliff Obrecht took to LinkedIn to share the rap and shut down the haters, asserting it was “by far” his favourite part of the conference.

“Tech company product launches have essentially tried to be Steve Jobs launching the iPhone since that happened,” he said on a LinkedIn post.

“We decided to be ourselves, do something different and not take ourselves too seriously. Haters gonna hate.

“I hope, like this guy suggests, others add more entertainment value to their corporate events too. We certainly just getting started.”

But while Obrecht loved the rap, the internet certainly had a different reaction, with comparisons quickly being drawn to Silicon Valley and Succession.

canva rap

Others blamed Lin-Manuel Miranda for the corporate rap trend.

canva rap

Canva the Musical, coming to off-off-off Broadway soon.

But some users were pouring one out for the dancers, who probably dreamed of making it big on Broadway, but instead are rapping about aesthetically pleasing infographics. Grim.

canva rap

The real question here is, was the rap written by ChatGPT? And honestly, does that make it better or worse?

canva rap

While the internet seemingly hates the rap, you can’t deny the fact that Canva has made our lives infinitely easier — so I guess it’s okay that this rap is now seared into our souls.

canva rap

The rap was part of Canva’s first in-person ‘Create’ event last week, in which guests like Disney CEO Bob Iger and Mindy Kaling were shown the company’s new enterprise features.

You can watch the full rap (and a whole presentation about Canva) on their YouTube channel below, if you really want.