A Canberra Woman Caused A Traffic Hullabaloo By Parking On The Road For A 15-Min Photoshoot

canberra woman photoshoot car

A young woman in Canberra has been put on blast for causing a huge-ass delay, after she stopped her car in the middle of the damn road just to have a photo shoot. Look, I just know those pictures on the scenic Canberra streets came out looking fire, but did we really have to park on a busy street?

The woman is reported to have parked her blue car in the middle of a street in Red Hill back in May, but the footage is only just now going absolutely gangbusters online after it was shared to a Facebook community page (News.com.au have the video HERE).

Naturally, the Canberrans aren’t too pleased with her behaviour.

It’s reported that the car remained on the street for a whole 15 minutes, as the owner took so lovely pics of it from the side of the road. The trees in Canberra are forever scenic, especially when they still have that rustic Autumn glow, but surely there was a spot to park on the side of the road that would produce good piccies?

canberra woman photoshoot car
Can I get a yikes?

“She’s breaking the road rules parking in an unsafe manner and should be lucky she didn’t get seen by the police,” one user wrote on Facebook, according to News.com.au.

“Just shows lack of consideration for other people. An indication their basic respect for others is non-existent,” wrote another.

I wonder if my boyfriend, who is locked away in Canberra far from my arms, is one of the angry drivers who submitted a comment. Having to drive around an entire episode of Australia’s Next Top Motor Vehicle would drive anyone insane on their way to work, so I sure hope he wasn’t an eye-witness to the ridiculousness.

“What’s the big deal?” wrote another Facebook commenter.

“You could drive a Mack truck through the gap beside her. Let her take her photos, it’s not doing any harm.”

“She is a public nuisance and should be fined,” wrote another.

Well, it seems the people are divided on the matter. I for one support the woman’s ambitions to take a hot pic of her sleek blue vroom vroom machine, but y’know, a bit of spatial awareness never hurt anyone, hey.