Journos & Pollies Are Being Urged To Boycott A Wanky Winter Ball Sponsored By Fossil Fuel Orgs

Journalists and politicians are being urged to boycott the annual midwinter ball because it is sponsored by fossil fuel companies

A media industry body is calling for the boycott of a fancy schmancy gathering called The Midwinter Ball ‘cos it’s sponsored by fossil fuel companies — which is more than a little bit probbo considering urgent action on climate change is critical, and getting cosy with companies known for trying to prevent that isn’t a great look for journalists and politicians.

The annual Midwinter Ball is hosted by the Federal Parliament Press Gallery and features some of the upper echelons of Australian politics (read: wankers) including politicans, staffers, business folk and journalists. Your girlbosses of all genders.

It’s kind of like the Harry Potter Yule Ball, except instead of teen wizards in dress robes it’s a bunch of people networking in black tie. And the tickets (which aren’t for the general public) range from $125 to $175. You can imagine which one I’d prefer to go to.

Now, as you can also imagine, the event has loads of sponsors — including Nine, who wholly owns this publication. But four of the sponsors have prompted particular consternation ‘cos of their links to fossil fuels.

Comms Declare, a climate-focused body repping media, advertising and marketing industries is calling for folks to boycott the event because of its icky ties to our problematic non-faves.

These sponsors include Woodside and Shell, as well as fossil-fuel lobbying firms Hawker Britton and Nexus APAC.

FYI, Nexus APAC reps Glencore, literally the world’s largest thermal coal exporter. Not cute, not a vibe.

“It seems the Canberra bubble is made of oil,” Founder of Comms Declare Belinda Noble said of the pretentious circle jerk Midwinter Ball.

“Nothing says political integrity less than big fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists funding Canberra’s biggest political booze up.

“We call on politicians and journalists who care about global warming and integrity to boycott this event in protest of the insidious influence of fossil fuel companies that are hindering climate action,” she said.

This whole thing is also a little concerning given fossil fuel companies in Australia are currently trying to convince young people to work for the mining industry.

Obvs they’re struggling because Gen Z a) aren’t super interested in dedicating their lives to climate destruction and b) don’t care for yassified Julie Bishop, AKA the face of the mining industry’s girlboss rebrand.

But what this does mean is the fossil fuel industry is desperately seeking to increase its already intimidating influence. I think the fuck not, thanks.