“We All Ran”: Canberra Airport Evacuated After Gunman Fires Shots In Check-In Area

Canberra Airport Evacuated After Gunshots

Canberra Airport was evacuated on Sunday afternoon after a gunman fired shots from inside the check-in area.

According to a press release by the Australian Federal Police, a man has been taken into custody who authorities believe to be the gunman.

“I saw this grandma with a baby and the fear in her face and I knew it was something serious,” said ABC journalist Lily Thomson who was in the Canberra Airport terminal at the time.

“So we all ran and I stayed with that grandma and her baby and hid behind an information desk.

“We stayed there for a couple of minutes until security told us to evacuate out to the car park.

“Everyone was hiding behind chairs and people were running.”

Travellers have been advised not to attend the airport until advised otherwise. There have been no reports of injuries sustained during the incident.

Travellers at Canberra Airport have since taken to social media to share their experiences of being evacuated or stuck in grounded planes on the tarmac.


Updates to come.