Someone Got Done For Hotboxing Their Car One Hour After Canada Legalised Weed

O, Canada, you bunch of extremely stoked and probably very blazed ratbags who are very likely about to run out of snacks before the week’s end. It didn’t take you very long to colossally cook it as soon as the country legalised weed, huh? In fact, it took a mere HOUR before one of you schmoked a beug in your car, and promptly got booked.

One. Hour.

[jwplayer VlHqw9BL]

Police in Winnipeg stung an undisclosed choof lord in the early hours of the first day of weed being legal in Canada, just merrily hotboxing their car like it’s a totally fine thing to do. Just to clarify, it’s not an OK thing to do. Do not smoke the jazz cigarette in your car. Just don’t do it.

According to CBC News, Winnipeg police believe that the ganj was illegally purchased because despite it being legal to buy weed at 1am, no dispensaries/shops were open in the area yet, and no stores would have been delivering in the middle of the bloody night – but no ticket was issued for that.

Still! It only took ONE HOUR before someone got stung with a fine for schmonkin in their car. You fools! You absolute dinguses! You literally could have hotboxed your bedroom like the rest of us and you wouldn’t have been slapped with a $725AUD fine.

Anyway, it’s been a red-hot first day for fans of the devil’s cabbage in Canada, with lines outside marijuana stores being incredibly long, Seth Rogen just being extremely proud of his home country, and (I’m assuming) and whole lotta people taking a strategic sickie today.