Two Canadian Cops Got So Fkn High On Edibles They Had To Call For Backup

Now, we’re not saying that all cops should get high while on duty. That’s a ridiculous suggestion. Totally unethical in every measurable sense. But we will say, without question, that every problem with the police would be instantly solved if they were required to be utterly baked out of the brains at absolutely all times of the day. We’re just sayin’. We’re just sayin‘.

At the very least that’d force them to learn that you must always – ALWAYS – wait after getting stuck in to the edibles, and that munching down more when you think it hasn’t worked is a really, truly, godawful idea.

Two cops in Canada found that out the hard way after they both got so unfathomably high while on-duty that they had to call for backup to help them out.

The officers in Toronto were part of a unit that raided a pot dispensary in the area. Afterwards, the two cheeky bastards got hold of some of the edibles confiscated in the raid and decided to ride the rest of their shift with a nice even high.

The problem there being that they both got impatient after the gear didn’t work *immediately*, and they decided to eat some more. Cue, the bad times:

Officer Dingus and Officer Dumbass over here wound up getting so bone-rattlingly high that one of them decided to call for backup to help them out, as you’d do while you’re an officer of the law in the process of doing something bad.

But when help arrived, one of them got a severe case of the panics and did the bolt on their significantly more sober colleagues. In all the confusion, one of the responding officers slipped on ice and suffered a head injury. The two bong lords were taken to hospital and treated until their brains started to piece themselves back together.

Toronto Police officials would not confirm the specifics of the case, but did assert that two officers had been suspended after the reported incident on Sunday night pending a further investigation.

Edibles, mates. They will fuck you right the hell up.