The search is on for the bloke who stole a Canadian bar’s signature mummified toe. 

We didn’t know our friends in the Great White North were allowed to keep legitimate human body parts as cocktail garnish either, but here we are, angry at the dude who stole the disembodied digit. 

I drank a shot with a mummified human toe in it. Dawson rite of passage. #tourstories #thiswasinmymouth #sourtoecocktail

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The toe, which is the most important ingredient of The Sourtoe Cocktail at Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel, was nicked by a man who’d signed up to try the local tradition: a whiskey shot with the famous appendage dropped right in. 

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Those who drink the cocktail are meant to let the toe touch their lips, but they’re never meant to put the thing in their mouth, or god forbid, swallow it. The last time someone did ingest the foul nugget was in 2013, and it was such a huge deal the national broadcaster made a documentary about him.


‘Toe Captain’ Terry Lee, the traditional guardian of the toes, released a statement after the disappearance. Old mate writes “we are furious” at the despicable act, and “stunts like this adversely affect the whole community, not just the Downtown Hotel.

“We fortunately have a couple of back up toes, but we really need this one back.”

Lee has vowed to enforce the CAD $2,500 fine, unless the toe – which was donated by a bloke who’d had it amputated – is safely returned to the Downtown Hotel.

Fortunately, the spud in question left his Sourtoe Cocktail certificate, which bears his name, at the bar. The hotel also passed along details of his appearance and accent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are investigating the incident. 


Godspeed, little toe.

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Source: Global News / CBC.
Photo: @yellow_brick_road / Instagram.