A Canadian reporter has filed a police complaint after a comedian licked his neck during a live cross, violating one of the most obvious rules of human interaction: don’t put your tongue on strangers when they’re just trying to do their jobs.

CBC reporter Chris Glover was reporting live from a Toronto comedy club on Tuesday when stand-up comedian Boyd Banks entered the shot.

As Glover discussed opposition to a Canadian radio station’s expansion from solely Canadian content, Banks lurked behind the reporter.

Banks eventually stuck his tongue out, licked him, and kissed his neck.

“Things are getting a little awkward out here so I’m going to pass it back to you,” Glover said to anchor Dwight Drummond.

After being told by Drummond to leave the crowded bar, Glover said “I have nowhere to go.” 

In turn, Glover says he is moving to file a police complaint against Banks.

When questioned by CBC on the incident, Banks apologised and said there was “no excuse” for his actions.

Banks added he may seek help for mental health issues.

The footage circulated widely on social media, with viewers stating the obvious fact that Boyd was way, way out of line.

The incident also opened a broader discussion about sexual assault, and the entitlement some may have that leads them to believe their actions are acceptable.

Glover’s fellow CBC colleagues also stepped in to condemn the incident.

Source: CBC
Image: Getty Images / [Photographer name]