Can I swim in Sydney beaches RN? Well, heavy rain this week washed a lot of shit into Sydney’s waterways — literally — and swimmers have been advised to please stay out of the poo water.

Poollution including sediment, debris and untreated sewage has turned the water in Sydney Harbour brown and the whole Sydney coast could remain contaminated for days.

Rainfall causes contamination to waterways when it’s so heavy it generates storm water and waste overflows out of the sewers and up into drains and gutters, which flow to the ocean.

And we shouldn’t have to tell you this but sewage contains viruses and bacteria so you can get sick if you swallow it.

Murky water from inland areas that were flooded also flowed downstream through rivers and creeks to further contaminate the beaches.

The State Government’s Beachwatch water monitoring body issued warnings on Thursday which urged swimmers not be tempted to go to the beach on the weekend, despite the sunny forecast.

Water quality was classified poor on Friday at Birdwood Park, Little Bay Beach and Boat Harbour on the Sydney coast. They are red on the traffic light system which means the concentration of hit was too damn high.

Sydney Water has also advised of sewage overflows near Gordon’s Bay and Coogee.

All other Sydney beaches were classified yellow on Friday, which means pollution is possible.

Beachwatch collects water samples from Sydney’s beaches daily and tests for bacteria as an indicator of contamination.

Beachwatch has advised people to check its water quality maps before putting their togs on. It also said swimmers should watch for floating debris, discoloured water and odour as a sign they should go to the pool instead.

Image: 9 News