California Just Legalised Recreational Weed & Not A Moment Too Soon

At time of writing, it looks very likely that the worst of all possible worlds is coming true: Donald J. Trump is going to be the President Of The United States Of America. I hope that sentence is as fucking horrendous to read as it is to type.

One tiny, minuscule, glittering silver-lining to this absolute clusterfuck of an election (at least for Californians), is the passing of Proposition 64, that will legalise recreational marijuana in the beautiful, sun-kissed state of California.
Folks aged 21 and over will be able to carry up to an ounce of weed (just shy of 30 grams in a reasonable system of measurement) and will also be able to cultivate six of their own marijuana plants, if their thumbs are green and they are so inclined.
California has had medical marijuana for a fair while, but now you won’t have to go one of those extremely shady weed “doctors” down at Venice boardwalk that’ll give you a weed card for any made-up reason you can imagine – you can just walk into a shop and say “one weed please!”.
Unsurprisingly, Snoop seems pretty stoked on it:

Sales of recreational weed will start from January 1st 2018.
Unrelated: fuck Trump.
Source: Variety.