California, Here You Come: Win A Sick LA Getaway With Taj Burrow

Los Angeles means so much to so many people. The city of angels is the playground of the rich and famous, it’s tinseltown, it’s the location of that Meg Ryan film with that Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” on the soundtrack. But there’s more to LA than just the movies, and those reasons are what draw zillions of tourists to the cultural hub each year. There’s shopping, museums, theme parks, A+ dining experiences, amazing nightlife, and more. Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we teamed up with Nando‘s and PERi-Perks to send one lucky reader to LA. And that’s not where the fun stops. Aside from a fab vacay, you’ll also get a surf lesson from champion and all-around nice guy Taj Burrow. What’s more California than that? Below are all the reasons you need to mark LA off your bucket list ASAP, with comp deets below.

LA is a destination that’s on pretty much everyone’s travel bucket list, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s eternally sunny, it’s the place most likely for you to have a meet-cute with your fave celeb, and there’s TONS to do. First up, there’s shopping. Like, tons of shopping.

There’s The Grove, the Beverly Center, Melrose Avenue, the list goes on. Literally so many places to ~treat yo’ self~.
There’s celebrity-sightings, left, right and centre.

LA is one of the only places in the world where there is an ~actual possibility~ that you’ll have a meet-cute with your fave, fall in love instantly, and run away together, living out all your fantasies.
There’s night-life.

If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that LA nightlife is the best (and most dramatic) nightlife.

There’s food. 

LA is a city of luxury, and luxury means ~options~. No matter what you’re feeling, LA has it on offer. You can dine in some of the fanciest restaurants LA has to offer, eat one of In-N-Out’s world-renowned burgers, or try pretty much anything else that tickles your fancy!
There’s beaches.

You could go see some incredible buskers down at Venice, or head down to the O.C for your very own Ryan Atwood moment. And hey, maybe when you’re there, you’ll run into Kimmi doing her latest photoshoot. It’s possible.
Also on the cards is the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, theme parks, TV show tapings and celebrity home tours.
Pretty much anything that falls under the umbrella of “things that are a good time”, LA has it in droves. Nando’s and PERi-Perks are ready to give you a once-in-a-lifetime trip to LA that is a guaranteed good time. 
The major prize will see the winner flown from your nearest capital city to LA, California, where you’ll stay in a 4-star hotel. Glam. 
Then, your Instagram will be drowning in likes after you post a snap of your $500 dinner from one of LA’s top restaurants to be ~seen~ in. On top of that, you’ll have $1000 to breeze through as you live it up, LA style.
But that’s not all, dear readers. 
On top of a kick-ass trip to one of the world’s most enviable places, you’ll also get a surf lesson from Taj Burrows, an Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Inductee and all-round top bloke.
After the surf lesson, you’ll grab a drink and chat all things surf-life and LA.

Here’s how you can enter:
First, download the App, and register your deets (assuming you haven’t already).
Next, spend $15 or more (in one transaction) at any Nando’s.
Then, snap a photo that showcases why you deserve to live it up in LA.
And then, you have options, because who doesn’t love options? 
You can either upload your favourite beach photo to Instagram with the hashtag #periperksLA, OR, email it through to stating why you deserve to Live it up in LA.
Pretty simple, right? Grab the full deets and T&Cs HERE, and prepare to wipe this off your bucket list.