Bushfire Smoke From Australia Has Drifted To New Zealand And Turned The Sunrise Red


Bushfire smoke from Australia has drifted all the way to New Zealand, and many residents of the country woke up to a hazy orange sky and a blood red sun on new year’s day.

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Meteorologist Aidan Pyselman said that smoke has been drifting across the Tasman for “quite some time”, but that it has become more noticeable in recent days thanks to north-westerly winds.

Satellite imagery from earlier this morning shows the extent of the smoke currently billowing over our neighbours:

An incredible photograph shows the blood red sun rising over Taylors Mistake beach near Christchurch this morning:

Residents of Dunedin saw yellow skies on new year’s day thanks to the bushfire smoke haze:


“This is the moment we all stop and have a good think about how to protect our environment,” wrote an Instagram user named Kristina, who said she could smell the smoke from Signal Hill.

New Zealand’s MetService also shared footage of a hazy sunrise over Wanaka yesterday:

Meteorologists expect the smoke to “peter out” over the next few days with a south-westerly change, and say that it is unlikely to affect weather or temperatures in New Zealand.

New South Wales has opened up its Public Information and Inquiry Centre to members of the public to assist with bushfire information – further details can be found here.

Victoria’s Country Fire Association also lists a number of resources for residents on its website.