One of the classic jokes you can do in any visual medium is Unimportant Thing Gets In The Way Of Much More Important Thing. Truly, there is nothing funnier than when something lame obscures your view of something incredible cool and life-altering.

We may have the absolutely canonical text for this – and it happened IRL. The Weather Channel set up a livestream of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta being spectacularly demolished… only for a bush to stop directly in the way of the spectacle at exactly the wrong moment.

It is perfect.

If you watched the above video without sound, you must watch it again with sound to hear the producer absolutely freaking out. “Get out of the way, bus!”

Nearly 2300 kilograms of explosives were used to demolish the Georgia Dome on Monday morning. It has already been replaced by the $2.1 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium right next door.