Burger King Japan Is Launching A Line Of Black Burgers

Suddenly come over all peckish? Esurient? Eee, all hungry like? Curtail your Walpoling activities and get over to Japan! The Japanese arm of international burger-slinging chain Burger King is nothing if not innovative. The land of the rising sun will soon have these delectable culinary treats on offer. And boy do they look like… well, food. Kind of.

Burger King Japan is adding two jet black Kuro Burgers to its menu, with the colour black permeating just about every layer of burger construction possible. Both burgers – the basic Kuro Pearl and the slightly more extravagant Kuro Diamond – feature beef patties season with black pepper, accompanied by ketchup coloured jet black with squid ink, coupled with cheese and sandwiched betwixt bun halves both blackened and flavoured with bamboo charcoal. Delicious.
The Kuro Pearl is your basic meat/cheese/sauce operation. But if your jet black burger tastes are above that of the common basic bitch, the Kuro Diamond adds a little colour to the palate by throwing in lettuce, tomato and onion as well – with the vegetables retaining their original shade, rather than throwing it at anyone.
It’s not the first time Burger King, or any fast food restaurant, has dabbled in the black arts – the Japanese BK previously launched a black burger in 2012, and has tinkered with it on and off ever since, whilst in France a jet black Darth Vader burger was launched as a promotional tie-in for Star Wars in 2012.
Still hungry? The Kuro Burgers are available right now. Better hop that plane and quick.