This was meant to be the big one. After the coronavirus pandemic wreaked unprecedented havoc all year long, Budget 2020 was meant to be the thing that set our course back to normality. But the government, true to form, left out a whole heap of Aussies in its announcement.

Despite all the talk of tax cuts (mostly for the rich) and wage subsidies via JobMaker, there are heaps of people (and things) which got little-to-no mention in the entire announcement.

Ultimately, it seems this budget is about doing the bare minimum so things don’t completely go to shit, rather than actually helping the Aussies who need it the most.

Here’s a rundown of everyone who’s missing (and missing out) in Budget 2020.


The government’s never been particularly good on issues that affect women, and Budget 2020 is no different.

Unemployed people

With JobSeeker being cut, it’s sad but hardly surprising the government isn’t helping the countless Aussies who are out of work at the moment.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

With other recent policy shake-ups already set to disproportionately affect Indigenous people in a bad way, this is especially disappointing.

People living in government housing

Housing commission residents have already had an extremely rough time this year.

Survivors of family violence

Domestic violence has spiked since lockdown restrictions started at the beginning of the year.

It’s not just people, either

There was no mention of renewable energy or public schools to be found, despite these two things being essential for the future.

In conclusion:


Image: Getty Images / Pool