Buckle Up, Sydney: Looks Like The Light Rail Will Cook Yr Commute ‘Til Xmas

Nothing sets fire to the start of your day quite like a slow crawl into work.
Spare a thought for the commuters of Sydney, then, who are facing delays of six months or more after construction of the CBD‘s $2.1 billion light rail – which has closed off much of George Street – misses completion deadlines for the second bleddy time.
Despite the fact work kicked off 18+ months ago – and there was a deadline extension last year – seven of 10 zones on the main drag have failed to meet the latest target for laying of tracks, curbs and other civil construction work. 
A local business owner told the SMH transport officials advised him construction near Martin Place could now drag out until Xmas, with October a best-case scenario, meaning the rail route will remain cooked for some time.
Transport for NSW has blamed the discovery of roughly 1,000 underground utility and service cables, which forced a bunch of design changes.
“We are on track for overall completion in early 2019 and have always been upfront in stating that we would need to adjust the schedules of individual zones,” it said.
While it’s annoying as hell in terms of access to one of the busiest strips in the CBD, think of the businesses who are losing $$$ hand-over-fist thanks to the decline in customers.
Photo: Getty / Ryan Pierse.