BUCKLE IN, AUSTRALIA: It’s Gonna Be Unseasonably Warm Deep Into May

Looks like Sydney‘s endless summer this year is kicking a tin along for the near future. Those who were hoping for actual autumn aren’t in luck: it’s gonna be warm well into May. Global warming has ruined your scarf plans.

April was warm – it’s very likely to be the second-hottest April on summer, after the exceptionally warm April in 2005. It’s gonna be 28 degrees on Tuesday, which is highly illegal for a day in May.
And it’s not just Sydney thats copping it. Adelaide is also experiencing unseasonable heat, with a couple of 30 degree days lined up over the coming week. What? What have we done to incur the wrath of the Sun? Apart from a century and a half of unabated greenhouse emissions, obviously. I mean everything else.
Even Hobart has been copping it, with a 25 degree day yesterday. In Hobart! That’s basically Antarctica.
Brett Dutschke, senior meteorologist with Weatherzone, we’re missing the cold fronts that normally rear their heads this time of year – hence the continuing warmth.
Basically, don’t expect winter to come knocking early. The summer heat is gonna linger in some way for a looooooooong time.
Source: Sydney Morning Heralrd.