Just one day after getting royally Zucc’d, the Australian treasure trove of spicy content that is Brown Cardigan has returned to Instagram.

The main account @browncardigan was deleted on Thursday evening, but the account owners weren’t about to let Mr Zuc do the fucc. No. They immediately took to their backup account @BrownCardigan69 to explain their absence.

“As many of you would already know, @browncardigan was officially removed from Instagram on September 12th, 2019. This happened against our will and without prior warning from Instagram. We are yet to receive any formal notification from Instagram as to why this has happened,” a statement on their website reads.

They allegedly copped the Zucc after a series of “bullshit” warnings for content that they recieved “full permission from the subjects in the videos” for.

The secondary account was set up a couple of months ago because the owners suspected they were going to cop a nasty ban.

But not to worry, they shared a cheeky Instagram story today announcing their return to the platform.

The Zucc Is No Match For Brown Cardigan, Yr Fave Account Is Back On Instagram Bébés

While their content is a little outrageous, the account makes sure to get full permission from the owner, and always credits the original source for any content that they post. The account has amassed a huge 682,000 followers for their comedic content, so everyone was heartbroken when the account copped the Zucc.

But after crazy couple of days, @browncardigan is back in action, bébés.

Image: Instagram / Brown Cardigan