NO: Brooke Blurton And Darvid Garayeli Have Officially Split & 2022 Has Already Taken So Much

The winner of last year’s season of The Bachelorette Darvid Garayeli has today announced to his 45 thousand Instagram followers that he and the namesake of the show, Brooke Blurton have decided to end their relationship and go their separate ways.

The announcement comes just a month after the finale of the season aired to television screens across Australia, which has got to be some kind of bleak Bachie relationship record.

In the Insta story uploaded early this morning, Darvid wrote the following update on the situation:

“Starting the new year off with an end to a chapter and hopefully the beginning of another.

“Unfortunately Brooke and I have parted ways. Whilst we both genuinely thought we were each others person, things change and thats okay.

“Please respect our privacy and that at the end of the day we are both just people with real feelings.

‘Thank you so much for being considerate, alot (sic) of lessons learned.”

The final line was punctuated with a love heart emoji.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one getting a little bit teary over here.

Brooke is yet to comment on the breakup but I’m sure we will hear from her in the coming days once she has had a moment to collect her thoughts.

This split is genuinely a really sad moment, especially considering that only five days ago, Darvid was singing Brooke’s praises on his Instagram by posting this absolutely gorgeous pic of the two of them with the caption “Missing these two today”.

Brooke made a similarly cute post on December 14 with the caption “Mum and dad are off to our first date ever in public at a restaurant”.

We wish both Brooke and Darvid well in the future and hope that one day, they do find their special people.