The Man Accused Of Raping Brittany Higgins & Harassing Others Has Been Stood Down From His Job

The man who allegedly raped Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins and allegedly sexually harassed three other women has been stood down from his job and checked into rehab, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

While we don’t know where he worked exactly, Higgins previously told The Project that her alleged rapist had moved on to a “good job” in Sydney which he started in July, 2020.

A spokesperson for that “large corporation” confirmed to the Herald that he’s no longer working there in the wake of the allegations. However, they refused to comment on whether or not the company had launched an internal investigation into any potential sexual harassment or sexual assault claims.

He apparently also spent the night in a private hospital in Sydney before checking into rehab, but it’s unclear what for.

We’ve now also learned a bit more about what the alleged rapist was supposedly like.

Various former colleagues and uni classmates of the man told the Herald he was “uber-ambitious” and “a real lad’s lad”.

“He definitely had a fair few friends but no female friends whatsoever,” said another person who knew him from a few years ago.

The comments basically confirm everything Higgins described about her alleged rapist: that he thought highly of himself and rose the ranks fairly swiftly.

It’s disappointing that it took almost two years for the man to face professional consequences over the allegations when, at the time of the alleged incident, Higgins says she felt compelled to resign from her “dream job”, partially because she couldn’t keep working in the very same office where she was allegedly raped.

Higgins’ boyfriend has also had to quit his own job after finding his position “untenable” in the wake of supporting her.

After struggling to find justice for over a year, Higgins is expected to lodge a formal police complaint on Wednesday.