Britney’s Former X Factor Co-Judge Claims She Was So Medicated On Set, She’d Randomly Collapse

Britney Spears X Factor

A celebrity that worked with Britney Spears in 2012 just claimed that she was so heavily drugged on her season of The X Factor, that she would sometimes collapse right in her chair.

Louis Walsh, who filled in for Simon Cowell when the latter was sick, briefly co-judged with Britney Spears on The X factor in 2012. Walsh just claimed in a new interview that Britney Spears was so heavily medicated on set that she would sometimes collapse.

Walsh was being interviewed by The Irish Times when he started talking about the gossip he knew regarding famous celebrities and their downfalls and struggles – including Britney Spears.

“I was sitting with Britney for two days and after every few auditions she would go…” He said, slumping over and flopping his neck to demonstrate her collapse.

“They would literally have to stop the show and take her out because she was on so much medication and other stuff. I felt sorry for her.”

“Here she was, the biggest pop star on the planet, and she was just sitting there physically, but she wasn’t there mentally. She had a lot of problems.”

Walsh’s claims about Britney’s medication are more than just gossipy considering that Britney claimed she was forcibly medicated under her conservatorship in 2019.

ICYMI: The #FreeBritney movement took off online after Britney Spears claimed she was being admitted to hospital and medicated against her will.

Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship back in 2008, not long after her infamous melt-down. This meant a court ruled she was unable to make decisions for herself, and so she was placed under the legal guardianship of her father, Jamie Spears.

The conservatorship means she can’t spend her own money, have any control over her career, choose her own staff or lawyers, speak about her conservatorship to the public, use a mobile phone or any social media without being monitored, see anyone she wants without approval. She can’t leave her home or travel, drive, marry or have children without permission either.

Britney’s been fighting the conservatorship for some time now, and recently had a small win where she was able to lessen the control her father has on her assets, but her legal battle is still on-going. The #FreeBritney movement has has been so big that The New York Times made a documentary called Framing Britney Spears. You can read out entire summary of the #FreeBritney explosion here.

Walsh’s claims about Britney’s medication seem to corroborate her own claims about her medical care – it’ll be interesting how this will play into the #FreeBritney movement.