Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Hearing Was Just Postponed ‘Coz The Zoom Call Got Hacked

britney spears court hearing

Britney Spears’ conservatorship hearing has been cancelled this week after a number of people hacked into the digital court hearing illegally.

According to TMZ, the hackers managed to get their way into the confidential Zoom call and refused to leave, despite the judge’s orders. As a result, the judge has delayed the hearing until next month after growing “frustrated with the situation,” The Blast reports.

The Blast reports that four different fans hacked into the private video hearing as soon as the call began.

Sources close to Spears claimed that Britney was set to appear in the routine hearing to discuss her conservatorship but was not present at the time of the hacking. However, 10 people were present at the hearing including her father Jamie and her mum Lynne. Ultimately, the hearing had to be postponed.

The news comes after Jamie Spears requested that the hearing be private amid the ongoing #FreeBritney movement.

“The Court grants the motion to seal the transcript, conditionally seal the Status Report filed pending a further motion, and the motion to clear and close the courtroom,” court documents read.

The postponement of Spears’ conservatorship hearing follows weeks of speculation that Britney may be being unfairly controlled under the terms of the agreement.