Britney Explaining How She Burnt Down Her Gym Is How I Would Explain Sleeping With My Ex

“One thing led to another”: A last ditch effort of a line primarily utilised to explain why one slept with their ex boyfriend and/or co-worker to annoyingly inquisitive third parties. It gives the admission of guilt while simultaneously signalling out a strong gist of “I’m not proud of my actions so don’t prod me further on this, or I will end you”.

So when Britney Spears iconically dealt us the “one thing led to another” line this morning to explain how she BURNT DOWN HER GYM (“unfortunately”) one second after she revealed it even happened, we had no choice but to shut the fuck up, accept it and ask no further questions. She simply doesn’t owe us an explanation.

See below for the queen of pop’s first hand recount.

Britney’s Instagram. The GIFT that keeps on giving, and I highly recommend the follow.

The tone of the “Sooo” following the explanation is the perhaps the most aggressive form of “moving on, I’ll be taking no further questions” I’ve ever heard in my life and I love it dearly. After this she delivers the good news that her gym is back up and running and she can use it again. Hooray.

Britney has been blessing her loyal followers with workout videos on her IG for the past year or so and can I just say she is looking super toned and hot. Snaps for Britney. Many of these work out videos were filmed in her gym and many filmed outside too, so I never suspected a fiery incident when I didn’t see the gym for a while. This news was out of left field and shocked me, even by 2020’s standards.

Burning down my gym would sooo be my iso mood if I were rich too, Britney. I can’t imagine the whole ordeal looked any less fabulous than this:

My only question I really need answered is why did she have candles in her gym in the first place? Perhaps she had a: