Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a relative to Queen Elizabeth II, has made some pretty joyous history by being the first member of the British monarch’s extended family tie the knot in a same-sex wedding.

Lord Mountbatten, who is technically the Queen’s third cousin, once removed, married James Coyle in a small family ceremony at a private chapel, nestled on the former’s Devon estate.

“Well we did it finally!” Mountbatten wrote on Instagram.

“It was an amazing day despite the miserable British weather.” 

He also referenced his three daughters from his previous 16-year marriage to Penny Mountbatten, who were on deck to watch the nuptials unfold.

“Most importantly a massive thanks to my 3 gorgeous girls for being so understanding and supportive, without their support this could never have happened!” he wrote.

“And finally the biggest thank you to James for being just perfect.”

In a very sweet turn of events, his ex-wife – with whom he continues to share a friendly relationship after their divorce eight years ago – was also present to give him away to Coyle.

It is unclear if any other royals, or royal-adjacents, were present at the ceremony. Rosie the dog was present, though, which is more than lovely enough:

Previously, Lord Mountbatten discussed the struggles he felt as a closeted gay man in a heterosexual relationship.

“I had a really happy childhood but I could never tell my parents I was gay,” Lord Mountbatten told the The Daily Mail in June, adding “In 15, 20 years’ time people will struggle to understand how we came to be having such conversations.

“People will look back and say, ‘What’s the big deal?’ But for our generation it was.”

The couple will now presumably enter a life of relative normalcy, if you can consider being related to the Queen normal, and will hopefully share more daggy and sweet insights like the below:


Source: People
Image: @ivar_mountbatten / Instagram