Brissy street artists DRAPL (Travis Vinson) and The Zookeeper (Joel Fergie) are reportedly just about to finish work on a three-week, fuck-off-huge community art project in regional Queensland.
No, no, please don’t click away. Just look at this:

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The artwork, titled ‘The Watering Hole‘, is painted on GrainCorp‘s silos: massive 300,000-tonne ugly towers used to store – you guessed it – grain. Painting on the 30-metre-high by 40-metre-wide canvas started on June 30, the duo working ten hours a day, and it first looked like this:
The Watering Hole‘ has been painted to show off the best of the small community of Thallon, about six hours drive west of Brissy, depicting the Moonee River, the glorious sunsets/sunrises over the area, and local man Russell Beatty shifting his sheep.
At a community meeting a couple of years ago, locals decided it was time to take steps to reinvigorate the not-so-thriving town. And they figured out how to do it – they’d turn their silos into beaut silo art, the first of its kind in Queensland, after similar successful projects in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
Leanne Brosnan, Thallon Progress Association secretary, described the mural as being a part of a process of revival for Thallon.
We are hoping the silos will have a two-fold effect: it will boost community morale and draw more tourists into town.
It’s a very special town and we believe it deserves to survive. 
There are a number of us passionate about it being revived. Thallon is full of characters so it would be a real shame to see it disappear.
The community took The Zookeeper and DRAPL to the pub to get started, sharing with them photographs, stories and suggestions.
The street artists’ brief to the community read: “We want the community to look up to the silo as the sun sets each day and be reminded of why they love the land they live in.”
The Zookeeper seems pretty chuffed with his work, but is most interested on its potential impact on the Thallon community:
A highlight for us has been spending time with the community here.
This kind of project is really great for a town, because it’s available for everyone to experience.”
Funds for the project came from the Queensland Government‘s Regional Arts Fund, local council, GrainCorp, Taubmanns paint, and other charities, with locals raising a couple hundred bucks in a GoFundMe campaign.
The full work is due to be revealed on Thursday, but considering what we’ve already seen – and that’s just through a screen like 90% of our interactions with other people/the world – it’s probably jaw-dropping.

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Photo: The Zookeeper / Instagram.